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Winstep Internal Commands

Internal commands are special commands that you can add as shortcuts to docks, Shelf tabs and to Winstep Xtreme's NextSTART menus, hotspots and taskbar: Hibernate, Power Off Monitor, Empty Recycler, Show Start Menu, Language Bar, CD Control, Lookup IP address and over 80 more!
You can add shortcuts to internal command by right-clicking a dock, Shelf tab or NextSTART menu, and then selecting 'Insert New Item' followed by 'Internal Command' from the context menu that pops up.

For convenience internal commands are normally categorized into seven individual groups ([Application], Desktop, Media, Disc, Misc, System and Shutdown) but the full list of available internal commands is shown below in alphabetical order.
Action CenterOpens the Windows 10 Action Center panel.
Add New HardwareOpens the Windows Device Manager dialog.
Add New PrinterOpens the Windows Add Printer dialog.
Add-Remove ProgramsOpens the Windows Programs and Features dialog.
Alarm ManagerOpens the Winstep Alarm Manager dialog.
Backup [Application] SettingsBackups the application settings.
Bring [Application] ForwardBrings all application related objects to the foreground.
CD ControlShows inserted media type and opens/closes the CD drawer when clicked.
Capture DesktopSaves a screenshot of the desktop as a JPG or PNG file.
Cascade WindowsCascades all windows.
Check for UpdatesChecks for the existence of newer versions of the application.
Clear Recent DocumentsClears the Recent Documents list.
Connect to the InternetInitiates a Dial-up connection.
Control PanelOpens the Windows Control Panel.
Date & Time PropertiesOpens the Windows Date and Time dialog.
Disconnect ModemTerminates a Dial-up connection.
Display PropertiesOpens the Windows Display Properties (Personalization) dialog.
Empty Recycle BinEmpties the contents of the Recycle Bin.
Exit Winstep XtremeExits all Winstep Xtreme applications after confirmation.
Exit [Application]Exits the application after confirmation.
Fast BootToggles Fast Boot (start at the same time as the Windows desktop).
Game ControllersOpens the Windows Game Controlers dialog.
HibernateHibernates the computer.
Hide AllHides all docks, fades out all open desktop modules and collapses the Shelf.
Hide Desktop IconsHides all desktop icons.
Hide TaskbarHides the Windows taskbar.
Hide/Show Desktop IconsToggles the visibility of desktop icons.
Hide/Show TaskbarToggles the visibility of the Windows taskbar.
Internet OptionsOpens the Windows Internet Properties dialog.
KeyboardOpens the Windows Keyboard Properties dialog.
Language BarDisplays and switches current language and input methods.
Lock ComputerDisplays the Windows Login screen.
Log OffLogs off the current user after confirmation.
Lookup IP AddressShows the external (web) IP address and user's geographical location.
Media NextSkips to the next track if Media Player is open.
Media PausePauses the track/video if Media Player is open.
Media PlayPlays the media if Media Player is open.
Media PlayerRuns the built-in Media Player.
Media PreviousSkips to the previous track if Media Player is open.
Media StopStops playing the media if Media Player is open.
Media Volume DownLowers media volume if Media Player is open.
Media Volume UpIncreases media volume if Media Player is open.
Minimize All WindowsMinimizes all open windows.
More ThemesOpens the Winstep Themes page in the default web browser.
Mouse PropertiesOpens the Windows Mouse Properties dialog.
Multimedia PropertiesOpens the Windows Sound dialog.
My ComputerOpens the My Computer dialog showing all disk drives.
Network NeighbourhoodOpens the Windows Network Neighbourhood dialog.
Network PropertiesOpens the Windows Network Connections dialog.
ODBC32 Data Admin.Opens the Windows OBDC Data Source Administrator dialog.
Peek DesktopUses Aero in Windows 7 to peek at the desktop.
Power ManagementOpens the Windows Power Options dialog.
Power Off MonitorPowers off all monitors.
Power Saving ModeToggles power saving mode (None, Normal, Ultra) to save battery.
PrintersOpens the Windows Printers dialog.
Quick Exit Winstep XtremeExits all Winstep Xtreme applications without confirmation.
Quick Exit [Application]Exits application without confirmation.
Quick Log OffLogs off the current user without confirmation.
Quick Restart WindowsRestarts Windows without confirmation.
Quick Shutdown WindowsShuts down the system without confirmation.
Recycle BinShows the contents of the Recycle Bin.
Regional SettingsOpens the Windows Regional Settings dialog.
Restart WindowsRestarts Windows after confirmation.
Restore All WindowsRestores all minimized windows.
Restore WallpaperChanges the wallpaper to the one used before a Winstep theme changed it.
Restore [Application] SettingsRestores the application settings.
RunOpens the Windows Run dialog.
SearchOpens the Windows Search dialog.
Show DesktopHides all open windows, equivalent to pressing WIN+D.
Show Desktop FolderOpens the contents of the desktop in a Windows folder.
Show Desktop IconsShows desktop icons if previously hidden.
Show FontsOpens the Windows Fonts dialog.
Show TaskbarShows the Windows taskbar if previously hidden.
Show Tip of the DayOpens the Tip of the Day dialog.
Show Volume ControlOpens the Windows Volume Mixer control.
Show Windows Side by SideShows all open windows side by side.
Show Windows StackedStacks all open windows.
Show/Hide Desktop ModulesToggles visibility of desktop modules (Winstep Xtreme only).
Shutdown WindowsShuts down the system after confirmation.
SleepMakes the computer enter Sleep Mode.
Sleep TimerOpens the full screen sleep timer alarm to fall asleep with music.
SoundsOpens the Windows Sound dialog.
Start Flip3DInvokes the Windows 7 Flip3D function (Windows 7 only).
Start MenuOpens the Windows Start Menu.
Start Screen-SaverRuns the screen-saver.
System PropertiesOpens the Windows System dialog.
Task ManagerOpens the Windows Task Manager.
Task ViewOpens the Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Manager.
Telephony PropertiesOpens the Windows Phone and Modem dialog.
Version InfoOpens the Version Info dialog for the application.
WinAmp PreferencesOpens WinAmp Preferences if WinAmp is running.
WinAmp Show EqualizerOpens the WinAmp Equalizer if WinAmp is running.
WinAmp Show PlaylistOpens the WinAmp Playlist if WinAmp is running.
Windows HelpShows the Windows Help dialog.
[Application] HelpOpens the Help file for the application.
[Application] PreferencesOpens the Preferences screen of the application.


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